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About Us

Once upon a time in Paris, a little French boy used to be full of admiration and awe while watching his grandmothers baking and cooking.


That young boy grew up and decided to make his dream come true… 'That Little French Guy' was to be a pastry chef.


He learned in Paris, in two of the most prestigious French bakeries and cafés, Angelina and La Maison Pichard. The former is very famous for its decadent and thick Parisian-style hot chocolate and its beautiful pastries, while the latter was awarded Best Croissant, Best Baguette, Best Millefeuille, and Best Paris-Brest.


Does this make you hungry?

No worries, 'That Little French Guy' is now in Highland Park! 

Our Beliefs
Dedicated to quality


Our mission is to bring to Highland Park an authentic taste of France. When it comes to Pastry and Bakery, the French know-how is unique. Therein lies our strength. 

The best for our customers


We believe our customers deserve the best, for that reason, every product we sell is entirely hand-crafted and most of our pastries are made with fresh French ingredients.


But more than ingredients, what matters is our technique. We scrupulously use and respect the French tradition to offer you as much authenticity as possible.


Come and try a real classique French experience. 

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